“Christmas Creep” threatens holiday season

Julia Hechanova, Staff Reporter

With the most wonderful time of the year just around the corner, everyone is scrambling to celebrate the holiday festivities. But is it too soon to be making a commotion?

While autumn was once a time of pumpkins and cool breezes bringing foliage, it is now lumped into the rush for the holiday season. The significance of Thanksgiving, bringing families together, is pushed aside as people hurriedly open their wallets for early Christmas deals.  The 12 days of Christmas is now more like 99. 

Although celebrating Christmas is not harmful, retailers across the country have taken advantage of the mob mentality to celebrate Christmas even before Halloween! This “Christmas creep” — with the holiday creeping up earlier into the calendar — has created a negative feedback loop for us buyers, as we are urged to buy more festively-themed items that have been introduced far too early. 

Our bank accounts take the hit, as we see more Christmas-themed commodities displayed throughout stores. 

While Christmas is considered a family-oriented holiday, many have taken a more materialistic approach to celebrating the holidays. It seems many have forgotten that the extra glittery, red, and green items are not a necessity to enjoy the holiday spirit. 

The urge to splurge puts aside the importance of both Christmas and Thanksgiving. Both celebrations are about bringing the family together, enjoying the presence of loved ones, and eating hearty meals.

In rushing into the Christmas spirit, Thanksgiving and Christmas lose their charm. So, how can we combat this? By choosing to be mindful of what the holiday season is truly about: family, joy, and giving thanks, people can make their holiday celebrations more magical.