“What’s Your Cause” Day inspires participation


Julia Hechanova

Sophomore Isabella Frisbee promotes cystic fibrosis awareness on the Nov. 4 “What’s Your Cause?” spirit day.

Mahnoor Ahmad, Editor-in-Chief

On Nov. 4, the Burroughs ASB hosted a “What’s Your Cause?” spirit day in hopes of creating awareness for the student body’s diversity of interests and backgrounds.
Students were encouraged to express themselves in any way they felt strongly, such as through their culture, favorite sports team, or cancer awareness. Because the options were limitless, ASB’s purpose was to make it possible for every student to participate.
Sophomore Lisha Bryant was accompanied by a few of her friends from the Multicultural Club to represent their cultures for the spirit day.
“My cause is to show my culture to help promote multicultural diversity in our campus/community,” said Bryant. “It’s important to be able to express ourselves and our cultures.”
All members from the Multicultural Club were encouraged to dress culturally for the spirit day to express their roots.
Many students chose to celebrate their faith, such as junior Avery Thibado and senior Emma Kimbler.
“I dressed up with some of my friends,” said Kimbler. “We plan on serving a mission in the future and teaching the Gospel to people around the world.”
Many students felt strongly about health-related issues and wore outfits to raise awareness about their causes. Isabella Frisbee, for example, advertised the upcoming Great Strides campaign to raise awareness for cystic fibrosis, while junior David Miranda was decked out in multicolored ribbons.
“My cause is the fight against cancer and Alzheimer’s,” said Miranda. “Cancer runs on my mom’s side and I lost many family members to cancer at a young age, and Alzheimer’s disease runs on my dad’s side.”
Several students at Burroughs are worried about the lack of attention towards protecting the environment and wildlife. Senior Jessie Bell took a unique and passionate approach to the spirit day.
“My cause is the joy of fishkeeping,” said Bell.“This is because enjoying fish tanks and aquascapes is part of my daily life, and I believe that finding joy in nature is good for everyone.”
Sophomore Amelia McCollister appreciated the reasoning behind the spirit day.
“Even though some people were worried that the spirit day might start arguments, I found it a great and inclusive idea altogether,” said McCollister.