Sheriff Youngblood speaks to classes


Addison Gerber, Staff Reporter

The Burroughs Criminal Justice and Forensics classes got a special treat last week. On Thursday, Nov. 3, Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood came and shared his experiences with the students.
“I’ve been coming to BHS for Mr. Smith’s class for about 7-8 years. I find it very enjoyable and makes me realize how bright the future is,” said Sheriff Youngblood.
Sheriff Youngblood talked about the different aspects of law enforcement, such as the difference between a deputy and a prison guard.
Sheriff Youngblood explained to Smith’s students about the body cams on an officer’s uniform. Sheriff Youngblood explained how a body cam can help officers understand what really happens when someone is pulled over, during a chase, during an investigation, etc.
“I want the students to learn that life is not just black and white. No profession is perfect because we hire from the human race,” said Sheriff Youngblood.
During his presentation, the students learned about chokeholds and how mental health issues are related to crime. Smith’s students also learned about how officers can go through a traumatic experience, resulting in them needing therapy.
Additionally, the Forensics class came in during 7th period and enjoyed listening to Youngblood reflect on how he solved crimes using fingerprints.
He tested the students and asked questions such as “What’s the most common fingerprint type?” Several students also were given the opportunity to stamp their handprint on a piece of laminated paper to take home.
Overall, the students were engaged throughout the presentation and learned more about the criminal justice system and procedures from the experience.