Early Holiday Deals: What You Should Know


Brodey Zade, Staff Reporter

You’ll have seen it if you’ve gone to our Walmart recently: besides the fall decor and the leftover Halloween items, there are already items for Christmas, out fairly early by our standards, but just right by stores. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and yet the Christmas shopping season has begun.

This is the reality of the modern shopping experience for consumers: big chains and brands pushing out their discounts on almost everything in advance of Christmas and Black Friday, moving us to go and shop quickly before the deals—or even the items themselves—are gone. Whether or not it is good is the argument at dinner tables across the country, along with the day’s politics and sports. Personally, I find it quite a bit odd that we have Christmas items and Black Friday-esque deals far before those days come, but for others, it can be quite welcome.

Walmart is dropping prices up to 45% on toys, up to 40% on tech, and up to 35% on home items, to name a few deals. Target has 30% off select children’s clothing (online only) and 50% off select home items, toys, and more. Target is also allowing a price match on items purchased from them between now and Christmas Eve. Amazon is rolling out the largest deals on its device lines but is also dropping prices across the board, as is usual with the company’s online business. On the opposite end of the spectrum, prices are rising for travel as more people buy tickets to fly and travel to family, friends, or other locations for the holidays.

These price fluctuations are nothing out of the ordinary by each year, but this year they are far more important. The U.S. has been hit hard by high prices, especially at the gas pump, with the average gallon of gasoline costing about four dollars around the country. This is down from the summer when the highest average was around five dollars, but it still tightens the strain on wallets that COVID-19 began to leave just a couple of years ago. With this strain continuing, the deals are becoming more enticing to the everyday consumer.

Some things you can do to score the best deals are shopping now while the deals (and items) are plentiful, comparing between stores to see who will give the best deal on a specific item, utilizing price matches where necessary, and using coupon codes and other such items on items without sales.

You should also ensure that you balance shopping in-store and online. Online can be more convenient but is less predictable with stock, while in-store is less convenient for the everyday shopper but is a bit safer with stock. Prices can also be lower for the same item depending on where you shop, so be on the lookout for that. Make sure to support our local small businesses as well. If you plan to travel, buy your tickets now.

With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to get ready to break out the wallet for those items to gift to friends and family. Be smart, and spend wisely. Happy holidays to everyone!