Burroughs Cheerleaders pom front yards for fundraiser


Mahnoor Ahmad

BHS cheerleaders (from left) Julissa Martinez, Olivia Haas, Destiny Homstad-Long, and Paige Dunn spread some cheer at the Ahmad household.

Mahnoor Ahmad, Editor-in-Chief

Many people in the community are getting surprised with sparkly pom-poms scattered all over their front yards by the Burroughs Cheerleaders.
While the pom-poms offer a bright surprise for recipients, they are designed to help the cheerleaders raise funds to travel to their upcoming performances in Florida at the Citrus Bowl and London for a New Year’s Parade.
Along with the pom-poms, the cheerleaders place a pop-up sign in the recipients’ yards, with a few flyers asking them to donate if possible.
The cheerleaders note that they come to remove the pom-poms at 8 p.m. each day and that any donations are optional.
“Pomming has been something exciting for people to wake up to, especially young cheerleaders,” said Cheer Captain Lenae Lugo, a senior. The team put a focus on pomming young IWV children’s yards so they become motivated to become a Burroughs cheerleader in the future.
People who donate can also pick who gets pommed next, making it a fun guessing game for who recommended the next house to be pommed.
“We decided to do the pom-pom fundraiser because it gets people excited about donating and we feel it’s more than just doing a generic fundraiser with flyers,” said Cheer Captain Olivia Haas, a senior.
Being able to attend the New Year’s Parade is a big deal for the Burroughs cheerleaders, as they get to dance alongside 500-plus others all as one united “All American Team.”
At the Citrus Bowl in Florida, the cheerleaders get to perform a routine before a college football game.
With both trips in December and January, the Cheerleading team is running multiple fundraisers at the same time. As a team, they’ve been holding bake sales; however, individuals are also creating social media campaigns and asking family and friends to donate.
This year is a fresh start for the Cheer team, as they are switching up their dances and getting a new wardrobe.
“I’m looking forward to new clothes, new dances, and new stunts!” said Lugo.
If you’d like to support Burroughs Cheer in their travel, you can reach out to Cheer Coach Stacey Crow at [email protected] or DM @burroughscheerleading on Instagram.
“Any donations are greatly appreciated!” said Haas. “A little can go a long way to support our program.”