Archery Club shoots for success!

Lynkim Phan, Staff Profile

Ever considered giving archery a try? All students, regardless of skill level, are invited to join the Burroughs Archery Club.

Before the invention of electricity, the Roman Empire, or even the written word, archery was an everyday activity. And now, it’s at Burroughs High School!

Despite the fact that many people have yet to try archery, the club welcomes members of all skill levels. Even if it’s something they’ve never done before, Archery Club wants others to be able to understand what it’s like to try something new!

As Archery Club president, junior Addie Gerber has expressed her excitement regarding the club’s appearance at Burroughs this year.  “I started the club because my old middle school had an archery club,” Gerber said. “I find it very calming and refreshing. It helps me clear my head on multiple occasions and release stress!”

The Archery Club is currently teaching its knowledge of safe archery techniques with all safety regulations. They will eventually be able to begin practicing and competing in tournaments.

For students who don’t enjoy running or tackling, the Archery Club is a perfect athletic opportunity!

“New members are always welcome! Anyone is welcome to join, no matter what experience you have. You don’t even need to know a thing about archery! Archery’s main goal is to teach people how to practice and have fun safely,” says Gerber. 

Once the club has its equipment, it will be incredibly thrilling to watch them improve its abilities!

The club’s advisor is Coach Laffin. They recently conducted an election with junior Addie Gerber as President and junior Sophia Pendergast as Vice President.

“Since we are a new group, we have started completely from scratch, including raising money for equipment,” Pendergast said.

To help the club raise money for equipment, they created an account on DonorsChoose. DonorsChoose is a nonprofit organization that allows others to donate directly to a public school classroom project. 

“I have been really enjoying the club so far. We are a small group, so it feels like everybody is good friends!” Pendergast said.

Come to the Archery Club’s upcoming meeting on Wednesday, September 28th in Room N54 during lunch! Their meetings are on every other Wednesday!