Burros Robotics 9-17

Jonah Gilbert, Reporter

Burros Robotics participated in their first VEX Spin-Up match on Saturday, September 17, 2022. Spin-up requires teams to shoot foam discs into disc golf-like goals for five points, but if they miss, the disks will land in an opponent’s goal zone, and they will receive one point.

Three teams participated in the competition and were able to learn about the general game sense and focuses of the robots of other teams. The club supervisor, Damien Jacotin, stated that the Burros now have some real-world experience to base future modifications on. 

This competition has helped the 7422H team fine-tune their robot to focus more on the rollers (a game element with two colors, awarding 10 points to the team that matches the color at the end of the game), which were an important factor in determining the winner. The teams must have their improved robots ready by the 15th of October for the next competition.