Late-start law impacts student-athletes

Addie Gerber, Staff Reporter

A new statewide law delaying many schools’ start times is impacting Burroughs, even though the bell is still ringing at 7:45.

Under a new state law, which went into effect July 1, the majority of high schools begin no earlier than 8:30 a.m.  Burroughs, however, applied for and received a “rural exemption” and thus continues to start its schedule for the majority of students 45 minutes earlier.    

In considering whether to apply for the rural waiver, the school district considered a number of factors, including China Lake’s early start time. Delaying school start times would have impacted when parents could get their students to school, creating a conflict with work schedules.

While some students may be frustrated that they do not get that extra 45 minutes of sleep, BHS student-athletes are facing a mixed blessing.

“I have no issue having our meets at a later time.” said junior Samuel Andrus, “No matter how late it is, the team will always perform their absolute best.”

Since most of the schools BHS faces are starting later, games are being played later. That means athletes are able to stay in class longer and complete more work during home games.

“This will be great because we will not be missing classes,” said Athletic Director Michele Lazaro. Of course, a downside is that athletes will also be coming back from away games later in the evening.

“We will be back from away games later by half an hour to an hour,” said Lazaro.