A new duck in town!


Addie Gerber, Staff Reporter

A new school year means new beginnings, new teachers, and … a duck?
On Aug. 7, a new Instagram account began catching BHS students’ eyes. Soon, a social media star was hatched.
“I saw my friend repost the duck’s post, saw my friends were following it, and thought it was interesting!” said senior Olivia Haas.
Hass isn’t the only one who has been following the duck with interest. After being on Instagram for over two weeks, Duck has gained dozens of followers.
Junior Christian Miller said that he found the bhsduck23 account on his recommended list and he is glad he did.
“It just adds more fun to the school,” said Miller. “I want the Duck to keep doing what they’re doing.”
In the account’s initial posts, Duck promoted the first day of school, Aloha Day, and Burros Pride Day.
ASB Advisor Laura Larson was pleasantly surprised by the Duck’s arrival on the scene.
“ASB appreciates anytime students bring joy and school-appropriate fun to campus!” she said.
So far, Duck has been a pile of positivity.
An Aug. 18 post shows the rubber duckie celebrating the arrival of Friday Night Lights in a big way.
“It’s Football Szn,” proclaims the post, showing the fowl fan ready for game night.
“My favorite part about the page is the school spirit of the duck,” said Haas. “I think the page promotes school spirit in a fun and engaging way.”
So why exactly has Duck created the account?   In an online interview, Duck stated, “I want people to learn how to be themselves when they visit my page.”
“I would like to see more of this school spirit from the page — promoting spirit days, games, and fun BHS events,” said Haas.
Haas might get her wish. From Duck’s previous posts, BHS students can expect future posts to promote spirit days, events, and games.
You can find the Duck’s doings on its Instagram account @bhsduck23.
“Whole Lotta Quacks, always expect a post!” promised Duck.