ASB and Bargain Cards are on sale now

Lola Chierotti, Staff Reporter

It’s the start of the year and it’s time for sports, games and dances. All of this can get expensive, but an ASB card can help.
The cards are on sale now.
“My card last year saved me tons,” said sophomore Ryan Ziesler, who used it for cheaper dance prices and to get into sporting events.
ASB cards are an affordable way to enjoy any and all festivities Burroughs offers. For just $40, students can save up to $245 while enjoying all of the free sports games and reduced dance ticket prices.
They are also an important part of the ASB budget.
“On average, we make around $12,000 on ASB cards,” said ASB Advisor Laura Larson. That money supports activities for the school and students, such as dances, athletics, the fine arts program, ceremonies, and many more crucial parts of BHS student life.
Another affordable way students can help themselves and the school is through Burroughs Bargain Cards. A portion of bargain card sales go to the school’s clubs and their events. The $10 cards offer multiple discounts at local businesses and restaurants.
To buy a Burroughs Bargain Card, contact BHS ASB, Yearbook, Girls Soccer, Wrestling, Girls Tennis, Cross Country, Cheer, or Music Boosters students.