Link Crew welcomes new students


Link Crew Advisor leads the assembly in creating an uplifting energy at the Freshmen Orientation.

Lisha Bryant, Staff Reporter

A feeling of uncertainty is always ordinary when starting a new school year. What can fix this issue involving the school and its community? How can there be a welcoming environment for those now entering their first year?

At Burroughs, part of the solution is Link Crew. Link Crew refers to an organized group of juniors and seniors working together to help create a safe and fun orientation experience for incoming freshmen. They also help answer questions about the unfamiliar buildings or events the school has to offer. 

To truly understand the individuals who make up Link Crew, the Blockbuster turned to senior Link Crew leader Joyce Bailey. 

What activities and preparations were necessary for putting together the Link Crew orientation?

We created signs to welcome the freshmen, but we also just kept positive energy throughout it all. Of course, all leaders had the training to ensure we could provide the best support. We needed a ton of leaders; in fact, we didn’t have enough.

Why did you choose to join Link Crew?

I had a great experience with my Link Crew leaders [as a freshman]. That experience motivated me to join and give back to others in the same ways. I hope my leadership as a Link Crew leader has left lasting impressions on others.

What are some things that you love most about Link Crew?

I love everyone’s energy! It’s such a great environment; everyone is very supportive. It also feels great to be there for others. I hope many from my group were also inspired to join Link Crew in the future!

“High school being tough” is quite an understatement. However, knowing that a group of people is always ready to provide support can alleviate a significant amount of anxiety.

Any words of advice for the incoming freshmen?

My three main pieces of advice are to be on time, take your classes seriously, and have fun! High school is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Your choices in high school are what shape your future, but it is also a great time to create memories.