Freshmen navigate first week reality


Artwork by Lisha Bryant

Julia Hechanova, Staff Reporter

Just the thought of beginning a new school year can feel overwhelming. For the incoming freshmen, facing new experiences is inevitable.

We have all had our fair share of struggles and adjustments throughout high school; however, this is especially true for freshman year. The new independence gained as a high schooler may also bring new responsibilities and worries. 

For many, the change in campus size was one of the most intimidating parts of starting high school.

“The campus was pretty scary at first,” said freshman Jayda Madison. “Having all these different buildings was a new thing for me.” All the portables, hallways, and detached buildings may make Burroughs’ layout seem pretty absurd to new students.

But this was just one change many found to be a struggle. 

Another concern was keeping up with classes and homework. Many freshmen have already deemed high school as much more demanding. The change in expectations and responsibility left some freshmen feeling lost.

“I was worried whether it would be easy for me to keep up with my classes,” explained freshman Jordan Wilson. Compared to middle school, the added freedom means a greater expectation for self-advocacy. 

Students are not the only ones who recognize the stress of a new school year. Teachers are also trying to be mindful of the adjustments felt by new freshmen.

While assuring students felt welcomed to Burroughs was the main goal for many teachers, the first week can always be unpredictable.

“Honestly, you never really know what their concerns are going to be,” said  Teacher Bob Hope, who works with many freshmen in AVID and METS.  “For freshmen, it can be anxiety over numerous things.”

Nonetheless, it is safe to say that the excitement easily outweighed the worry. Most students agreed that the best part of starting high school is making friends.

“The one thing I was really looking forward to was meeting all the new people,” said freshman Alli Garcia. “Also, I finally got to be with my older friends as well.”

While it is easy to stress about the unpredictable future ahead, keeping an open mind may alleviate some of that worry. Unsurprisingly, many concerns end up being less significant than we first assume.