“Home Team” tells a hilarious underdog story


Sophia Pendergast, Staff Reporter

On occasion, amidst endless waves of film and television options, I find myself with nothing to watch. The infinite scroll makes each choice seem worse than the last. These are the times when I fall back on my favorite shows and movies, mostly those including Adam Sandler. My childhood has been filled with fond memories of watching “Grown Ups” on summer nights and “Bedtime Stories” on long road trips. The familiar cast in each film provides a sense of home and nostalgia each time I press play. 

Recently, the Happy Madison production team released a new movie, based on a true story, called “Home Team.” This film follows NFL coach Sean Payton (Kevin James) as he returns to his hometown after being suspended from coaching amid the Saints bounty scandal. During his time home, he coaches his son’s lackluster football team and attempts to lead them to victory. 

There is much to say about this movie, but one of the highlights was the hilarity that follows Payton on his journey. Not only does it feature original jokes, but producers included many comedic aspects commonly found in movies by Adam Sandler.  Both sports fans and athletes alike will find humor in cringe-inducing game fails, and depictions of difficult practices. Although Sandler himself was not a character in “Home Team,” the familiar sights still gave him a strong presence. One of my favorites was the addition of a vegan hippy that never fails to cause trouble for the other characters.The film lacks any characters with silly voices, such as those found in “Hubie Halloween” and “Waterboy,” making the viewing experience much more enjoyable. 

Like many films, “Home Team” features a strong emphasis on the message of being there for those you love. Characters show continuous support for each other throughout, showing the development of a strong bond between teammates. The message is further implied as Payton mends his strained relationship with his son throughout the season. The messaging adds a heartfelt element amidst the comedy, as you realize that each mishap makes them stronger as a whole. It serves as a good reminder for all viewers to support each other, something that continues to be needed in everyday life. 

The fact that “Home Team” was based on a true story added a unique element to the storyline. I personally enjoyed knowing that some of the events that occurred throughout the film actually happened in real life. It made me realize that our “embarrassing moments” may not be as bad as we think.

“Home Team” could easily make the top five of Happy Madison’s best film productions. It seamlessly combines humor and emotion in a way that makes the story relatable to all viewers, even if they’ve never played football before. 

“Home Team” is available for streaming on Netflix. 

The next time you find yourself with nothing to watch, instead of aimlessly scrolling through countless streaming channels, take the opportunity to watch this hilarious pick-me-up!