Rachel’s Closet offers “Prom-ising” dresses and more

Seniors Rachel Huynh, Grace Lormand, and junior Sarah Quick model a few options from Rachel’s Closet.

Annika Houck, Senior Editor

Prom is just round the corner for Burroughs’ juniors and seniors, which means dress shopping for many! Some might consider it outrageously early to be dress shopping now for the April formal, but the truth is most girls who plan on attending Prom may have been looking for the perfect dress for weeks already.

What about the students who do not have time to shop for a nice dress or suit? What if the perfect Prom look is just too expensive this year? What if students just can’t find anything they like?

Friends of Rachel might have a sensible and satisfying solution.

The service club opens Rachel’s Closet for each formal dance event for students with similar dilemmas or anyone else in need of an outfit.

“Years ago the Friends of Rachel recognized that it would be a great idea for there to be a place where students could be able to borrow a dress for a dance or a Prom or other event free of charge,” said Friends of Rachel Adviser Shari Rosenberg. “It would be a resource for students who did not have the economic means to purchase one, as well as a general resource for students who wanted to have the option of variety.”

Most students are aware of the Closet, but they may have forgotten that it is available to everyone. Many students are under the impression that it only has a few dresses of low quality or out-of-date styles. This is the opposite of true.

Rachel’s Closet has a wide variety of dresses and suits, as well as coats and shoes. It has options for males and females, and they are clean, comfortable, and free of charge to borrow.

The Closet, which is run out of an unused office, has many colors and styles to browse. To draw attention to this overlooked resource, BHS Blockbuster staff members modeled a small section of the dress options for its online website at bhsblast.org, but many more gorgeous gowns and dresses are waiting for another chance to shine.

“There are hundreds of dresses of all styles,” said Rosenberg. “We have sophisticated slinky dresses, puffy, net ones, long ones, short ones, and everything in between. We even have a collection of dresses with covered-up tops and small sleeves for girls who want a more modest look.”

These dresses come in all sizes and colors, and the men’s section has been expanding in recent years.

Looking for the perfect accessory? The shoe collection is large and growing. With all this variety Rachel’s Closet truly has something for everyone and is begging to be explored.

“Students should consider Rachel’s Closet because they could save money by not purchasing a ‘one time only’ — usually — dress,” said Rosenberg. “Or maybe they have a last-minute event to attend and do not have time to go shopping.”

An added benefit?

“It is great for the environment to not keep adding to the huge piles of clothes that are discarded and pollute the environment,” stressed Rosenberg.

Rosenberg makes an excellent point. Every year girls buy outrageously expensive dresses that they may wear for the one dance and never again. It will sit in the back of a closet unused or be thrown away. It is a waste of money and clothing.

Rachel’s Closet is made up of donations from community members and students, both current and alumni. Students who find no use for old dance or event attire can donate to the Closet instead of just packing it away to collect dust.

“We encourage students to donate items they no longer want or use, because someone else is sure to love them! And everyone appreciates it!” said Rosenberg.

If you are not attending Prom simply because you do not have the funds or time to find an outfit, check out Rachel’s Closet! It is an underused resource and is completely free.