Logan Burnes

If you were to get into a snowball fight, who would you want by your side?

I would choose to have Lars or Kaleb by my side because they lack mercy

You are entering the championship Snowman competition. What do you design to ensure your victory?

Build a buff snowman, and shove a person’s face into it

What is your favorite activity on a cold winter day?

On a sparkly cold winter day, I enjoy taking advantage of my free time by utilizing the volumetric area of my wood log cabin in the icy forest by drinking warm dihydrogen monoxide flavored after the ceremonial drink of the ancient Aztec civilization. 

If you were snowed in, what three things would you want on hand?

A shovel, an empty house, and some hot chocolate.

What song is heating up your playlist right now? 

Maître Gims – “Ma beauté”

You are stuck in a snowglobe for the rest of eternity. Where do you want it to be?

I want it to have my wood log cabin in the icy forest where I can produce a high thermal energy concoction of triglyceride, glucose, theobromine (or xantheose), and enzymes.

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