Counselor’s Update — January 2022


Head Counselor David Vigneault and the BHS counselors are ready to answer your questions.

Avery Vigneault, Sports Editor

The transition from first semester to second semester is typically the busiest time of year for counselors. They are working to end one semester and start a new one. It’s like ending a school year and starting a new one all at the same time.

The primary focus is seniors. Counselors are working diligently with all seniors to assure first semester grades and credits, and to provide programs to those who may be off track to graduate. Much attention to detail is given this time of year to seniors. In addition, they are meeting with all seniors in conferences starting the second week of the semester.

Counselors are also working to wrap up college applications as many schools have extended deadlines. Seniors are beginning to receive admission notices as well.

Beginning in early February, counselors will begin the process to register students for courses for the 2022-2023 school year. Each student (approximately 380 per counselor)) will have an individual counseling conference to discuss grades, academic performance, credits, future plans, and 2022-2023 course selections. Counselors will be also conducting grade-level classroom presentations in preparation for these meetings.

Lastly, but certainly not least, counselors continue to provide social-emotional support to all students. Counselors see many students, parents and staff on a daily basis to assist with their personal needs. Students can see their counselor at any time by simply stopping by their offices. If unavailable, there is a system in place for students to sign up to see their counselor.

Counselors encourage all students to check their school emails regularly for announcements.