CCCC econ course is option for BHS students


ZJ Hoffmann

Economics Teacher Eric Lawrence is teaching his Macro class

Annika Houck, Senior Editor

In the past few years Burroughs has begun incorporating dual enrollment Cerro Coso classes into the high school schedule as new opportunities for all students. This year, the opportunity to take college-level economics will be extended to Macroeconomics as a concurrent enrollment option taught by Burroughs’ very own Economics teacher Eric Lawrence at Cerro Coso.

“The curriculum is challenging, but it’s also very rewarding,” said Lawrence. “Macroeconomics is an extremely important subject, and it will help any student gain a better understanding of the world around them, especially during these turbulent times. Also, the college environment is very different from Burroughs, and I believe many students will appreciate the change of pace.”

Every Burroughs student is required to pass a semester class of Microeconomics to graduate, and a handful of students opted to take the dual-enrollment option, where the class was taught at the college level and was an option for anyone. This term, several of those students are continuing their education with Lawrence once again at Cerro Coso.

“The content will be similar, but unlike AP Macro, I am not teaching the course specifically to prepare for an AP test,” said Lawrence. “This gives me a lot more freedom as an instructor to go further in depth with certain concepts that are especially interesting. I believe that this will contribute to the experience for my students.”

The course is open to any Burroughs or Cerro Coso student interested in registering, and high school students are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to earn some college credit completely free.

“This course is for anyone who wants to get a semester of economics credit while still in high school,” said Lawrence. “This is a great opportunity for Burroughs students because it gives them a head start in obtaining college credit.

Furthermore, the course is free for high school students. It also gives students a chance to experience a college level class in the college environment up at CCCC, while still being in a room with many of their classmates from Burroughs.”

The Cerro Coso Spring 2022 term begins Jan. 18 and Lawrence’s Macroeconomics course will be taught on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:10-7:35 p.m.

Registration for the Cerro Coso Spring 2022 term is open until Jan. 20, and any students interested in signing up for the course will need parental and counselor approval. Don’t hesitate to speak with a counselor or Lawrence in room D20 with any questions or help registering.

“There is something for everyone,” said Cerro Coso Outreach Services Director Kathryn Bachman. “We truly do have so much to offer in our little community to high school students to prepare them for whatever awaits them after high school.”

Take advantage of the opportunity! All Cerro Coso courses are free for students still in high school, and a wide array of classes is available.