College Connection – Canon Rank

The Blockbuster loves to hear from Burroughs grads to check on their life after high school. Here we catch up with 2020 graduate Canon Rank, who is studying Electrical Engineering (Emphasis on Robotics and Circuits) at University of Nevada, Reno.


What is the best thing about your college or university?

The best thing is that it is in the mountains so my free time can be filled with activities like skiing in the winter and hiking or rock climbing in the summer. It’s also in Nevada so there are lots of casinos around making it a little interesting compared to a college in California.

What has been the biggest surprise or adjustment?

The biggest surprise was having to pay for my own speeding tickets and change my time management style.

Any advice for students still in high school?

My advice would be to schedule all our classes in the morning as hard as it might be that way you have the whole day to hang out with your friends or do activities.