“Mother/Android” is a smashing success


Sophia Pendergast, Staff Reporter

There’s no question that Hulu original movies are mediocre at best. They habitually involve famous actors that produce less than entertaining films. However, Hulu’s latest attempt in the film world, involving sci-fi and action, was a smashing success.

“Mother/Android” follows couple Georgia (Chloe Grace Moretz), and her boyfriend, Sam (Algee Smith), soon after they find out they are expecting a child and the well integrated AI servants, called Androids, turn on humans. Now nine months later, viewers follow Georgia and Sam as they attempt to flee to Boston so that Georgia can give birth. Additionally, they flee with hopes of getting on a boat to Asia, which has no Androids, to live a normal life after giving birth. 

This film was full of suspense. Androids often creeped out in jump scares, and they all had unsettling attributes. Viewers will be glued to the screen the entire time. With the Androids being able to mimic human emotions, you’ll never know who to trust. Their journey through a perilous forest with little equipment leaves viewers wondering how they will survive the journey. The still silence leaves a lingering ambience that something is always waiting around the corner. 

“Mother/Android” was filled with action from beginning to end. The characters are determined to reach their final destination, and the addition of a baby about to be born only adds to the thrill. Viewers will constantly be surprised by this fast-paced journey. 

In addition to an overload of entertainment, viewers will also be pleased by the strong messages and characters. Both Georgia and Sam display copious amounts of determination and grit as they attempt to reach their final destination. Their behaviors have the potential to inspire those going through difficult times to continue to fight and push through. With both characters pushing through the journey in hopes of giving their child a better future, and a chance at a normal life, it sends the message that love will withstand all, which is something that most need to hear, but is often unsaid. 

“Mother/Android” is available to watch on Hulu. 

Full of nail-biting horror and hair-raising thrill, “Mother/Android” should be on every movie-lovers list. Start the year off with a little excitement by watching this film! You won’t regret it!