Editors’ Note

Annika Houck and Simrin Khara

Welcome to the first issue of the Blockbuster for the 2021-2022 school year! Last year we moved much of our content online at BHSBlast.org, but we will continue to publish print editions to coincide with key events. We look forward to providing up-to-date coverage of Burroughs events and highlights. This year we are bringing a variety of new types of content, including podcasts and video coverage. 

As everyone knows, it was difficult for hands-on classes to continue activities and the BHS News Writing class suffered from the same lapse. Since we could not distribute our traditional print copies of our newspaper, we started a website with all of our content and coverage. The BHS Blast will continue to be updated regularly and constantly throughout the year. 

We will also continue to print and distribute physical copies of the paper with the courage of the most recent and noteworthy events. We welcome input and story ideas from everyone! Please don’t hesitate to take an active role in Burroughs’ student journalism. 

Our online presence allows us to constantly cover and update information in a timely manner, and gives us the opportunity to explore new media of journalism. We intend to introduce podcasts and video coverage available on the BHS Blast. 

Our podcast will provide new views of both our school and community in a unique way. We hope to put up episodes frequently and will cover a variety of topics that cover student voices. Each podcast will last about six minutes, perfect to tune in during passing periods! We are also always on the lookout for new ideas, so those with an idea can email Ms. Burgess @sburgess or stop by J-3. We want to hear from you!

The Blockbuster will also be featuring three new consistent chapters. Counseling, library, and art will be spotlighted regularly both online and in print. 

Our Counseling corner will cover relevancy to group discussions, as well as updated announcements. The library corner will discuss the library’s current resources available to students. In addition, we hope to bring back our “Dominant Voice”, where students’ submitted artwork will be featured on our website as well as our paper issue.  Students can submit art via email or in-person in J-3. 

As senior editors, we hope to publish content in a timely manner, covering a wide range of footage. Our goal is to produce copies that will be interesting, relevant, and current. Keeping an ear open to both students and staff, we will provide content in an accessible manner, both online and in print. With new projects in mind, featuring a diverse group of students along with new voices is perhaps the most foremost aim we plan on achieving.