Librarians answer questions about Chromebook policies

Are charging stations set up in the library?

We have a power strip set up between the computers on the main library side.  Students may ask us for a charger, although we issue a demerit for every third time a student needs to borrow a charger.  To check out a charger, students simply have to sign one out on our charger loaner sheets on our front counter and once they return the charger we check them off the list.  If they do not return the charger by the end of the school week, a $30 fine is placed on their account.  If they bring us the charger after the fine has been assessed, we will then waive the fine.


Do you loan out Chromebooks?

When a loaner Chromebook is needed, we will gladly check one out to the student.   Every third time a student needs to borrow a Chromebook, they do receive a demerit which is the rule set by Burroughs administrators.

If a student does not return their loaner Chromebook and forgets to bring their original or loaner to school the next day, we cannot check them out a third Chromebook.  That has been a set rule from our IT dept.

What should students do if they have a faulty Chromebook (sticky keys, won’t connect, etc.)?

If a student is finding that something is not working properly with their Chromebook, they should come to the library to receive a temporary Chromebook.  We will try our best to troubleshoot the problem first before loaning a temp Chromebook.  We will then send out their original Chromebook for repair through our amazing district IT team.  If the student has signed up for the optional insurance through, they will need to file a claim for the original Chromebook before we can send it out for repair.   The insurance is only $39 for the whole academic year and it has zero deductible and unlimited claims.  If they don’t have the insurance, we will send it out for repair but they can be responsible for costly repairs.  The repair office determines if we are to assign a repair fine to the student.