Review: “Central Park” provides comical cartoon fun


Sophia Pendergast, Staff Reporter

As I’ve gotten older, the idea of spending my TV time watching cartoons has become less appealing. However, after discovering the animated “Central Park,” my opinion has changed. 

“Central Park” follows park manager Owen Tillerman (played by Leslie Odom Jr.) and his family as he attempts to save Central Park from being overrun by hotel mogul Bitsy Brandenham (played by Stanley Tucci). Throughout the show, we get frequent narrations from park busker Birdie (played by Josh Gad), in a wonderfully hilarious and music-filled journey. 

When I first saw this show, I was hesitant to watch. I expected it to be a silly show filled with annoying characters, but this show was quite the opposite. 

The extensive cast of famous stars, all of whom could sing, made for a very entertaining watch. 

The humor in “Central Park” is the real star of the show. It is quick, sarcastic, and slightly random. However, it often catches the viewer off guard, adding to the level of hilarity. One of my favorite scenes involved the Tillerman family building their dream lives out of Lego blocks, then proceeding to sing about them. 

In each episode, be prepared to listen to three or four musical scenes. With cast members previously involved in musicals and Disney movies, these interludes are the perfect addition to help move the story forward. In addition to the jokes already written in the script, the lyrics of the songs offer an extra depth of humor. The lyrics are clever, creative, catchy, and pack a punchline. After watching each episode, I found myself humming the tunes while I did other activities. 

Alongside the humor and music, the show features a variety of sentimental moments. Family and friends of the main characters often came together for moral support and to thwart the plans of some difficult park visitors. 

Both seasons of “Central Park” can be found on Apple TV. 

With many episodes, this lighthearted, funny, easy-to-watch show makes for an enjoyable watch for the entire family. You will surely laugh out loud and feel a little more cheerful with each episode!