Peter Marvin

Burroughs High School

“I appreciate that he never gave up on his classes and tried to make the awful and strange year a bit more bearable.”

submitted by Joseph Hill


“Thank you for keeping my spirits high and not letting me lose motivation. I really appreciate you working with us and always staying positive during our zoom sessions. You’re a great teacher and I’m very glad I had the pleasure of being your student. ”

submitted by Morgan Rosario


“He is a teacher that genuinely cares about each student and is always involved. He is easy to talk to and has been very understanding throughout online school. There is never a day he isn’t super positive and welcoming. ”

submitted by Ella Stevens


“He is the most sympathetic, and cathartic teacher I have ever had in my life. He is funny, brightens my day, and is totally fine with me and my fellow classmates being silly in the chat as he has said it himself that us doing that keeps him going. Honestly he is one of the only teachers in this year that actually was happy and made me happy and that I felt cared about me and the rest of my class. Quite literally the best possible teacher is him and him alone. ”

submitted by Mason Jones


“I appreciate most that he cares and works around his students personal problems. He’s given me some of the best advice, he’s accepted sooo much late work from me over the years. Seriously a great person in and out. He puts everyone before himself. ”

submitted by Khylee Benso


“The way they teach is not so robotic when reading and when in class. Mr.Marvin actually can make the class fun and enjoyable.”

submitted by Bryce Duff


“I appreciate how much he encouraged me to pass his class. I’m doing really bad in school, but he’s convinced me I can pass his class and I’m going to try to do it. I appreciate how supportive he is of the LGBT community. I appreciate that he understands how difficult school is for me because of my mental health issues. He is a very cool teacher.”

submitted by Brianna Cotterell


“He made this year easy and never made it hard on any of us and I appreciate having at least one class to not have to stress about.”

submitted by Adamari Oyervides


“He always made his class interesting and fun. He always kept me interested in the books we read by being so energetic and stopping to explain what is happening.”

submitted by Jacob Gallagher


“I love his personality.”

submitted by Maria Wilson


“Mr. Marvin was one of the greatest teachers of all time, he cared about all his students and made all his classes fun and interesting. Mr. Marvin was always upbeat and made me excited for his class. Any students who have his class are very lucky and are in for an amazing time. I wouldn’t replace him for anybody else, keep it up Mr. Marvin, we live in a small world so who knows maybe we will see each other down the road.”

submitted by James McCormick


“He makes learning in his class both fun and effective while keeping the environment pleasant.”

submitted by Quinlan Heckerson


“Mr. Marvin is a very adequate teacher. Would I say he’s my favorite? No. Would I say he’s on my top 5 list? I would have to think about it. He was always so supportive. Even on my most difficult days, when I came into class and he told me to ‘please just stop crying and read chapter 12,’ I knew everything would be okay. I’ll definitely remember you for at least the next two years, Mr. Marvin! P.S. I’m just kidding—you’re a great uncle and I love you! (But I admit I can’t attest to your teaching.)”

submitted by Madison Johnson


“He was able to make the school year more bearable and made class not terrible to sit through. All my other classes were miserable.”

submitted by Grace Townsend


“I appreciate this educator because he was the most understanding, chill, and fun teacher I have had in my four years of high school and was my teacher for a year and a half. What made him understanding is that he would always accept late work or he would let you redo it to get a better grade which most teachers wont let you do nowadays. He would also let you sit next to your friends and let you work with one another.”

submitted by Giovanni J Davis

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