Marla Cosner

Marla Cosner

Monroe Middle School

“For being the best art teacher EVER, for being fun, and mostly knowing how tired O-period kids are. Also for being there.”

submitted by Leena (Ben) Faulkinbury


“They make school more fun and they deserve to win.”

submitted by Lillah O’Grady


“I appreciate how she makes ASB fun everyday.”

submitted by Anthony Martinez

I appreciate how much effort she puts into the school to make school fun for students. She is such a great ASB and Art teacher she is so talented and a great role model. I am so glad that I got to have her as my teacher she is one of the best I have ever had she truly makes me believe in myself. On top of all that she is so dedicated and is always smiling and laughing with us.

submitted by Alissa Gutierrez

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