The El Burro yearbook has arrived!

Alex Gerber, Editor-in-Chief

The 76th edition of the El Burro yearbook is ready to be released to students. Distribution dates for all Burroughs students are set for May 26 and 27.  A special “seniors only” distribution will take place May 25.

While the yearbook may not look the same as previous years, advisor Tricia Allen believes that it lives up to Burroughs yearbook standards.

“Every yearbook has the job of  being a time capsule and capturing moments to be able to look back on, and we did that,” said Allen.“This book may not contain ‘traditional’ events, but students were still doing things and we did our best to get that recorded.”

With all of the challenges this school year has brought for the yearbook this year, senior editor Noah Muncy feels excited for student reactions to the 76th edition.

“I’m definitely more excited than nervous with distribution,” said Muncy. “We were able to create something never seen or done before, and all through a completely new platform. In past years, pages would be laid out for you already, since it’s usually the same every year, just with new people. We had to individually think of every single page and concept, and we did really good with what we had to work with.”

Despite the sense of accomplishment, the yearbook staff acknowledges some obstacles.

“This yearbook was no easy task,” said senior editor Daniel Pearl. “It took the staff, Ms.Allen, and the leadership months of brainstorming and problem solving for this yearbook to come out as good as it did. I believe that the staff that we had this year were super flexible and very understanding of all the changes that Noah and I made, and we appreciate that very much.”

He noted that this yearbook’s content was very dependent on student contributions since the usual photo opportunities were few and far between.

“We gave it our best at trying to engage with the students by email and Instagram, but we still got left in the dark by many students,” said Pearl. “So if you don’t see yourself in the yearbook, we are very sorry and just know that we tried our best.”

Partnered with ASB, the seniors are invited to a special “Senior Sendoff” event on May 25 from 12 noon to 1:30 p.m. in the Burroughs gym. The event will have food, music, games, and yearbook pickup available.  You will need a form of identification that proves you are a senior to enter.

There is still time to purchase a yearbook. You can order through Jostens online, or purchase at the door for $95.

“I cannot stress enough how hard the staff worked,” said Allen, noting that the staff sold ads to help cut the cost of the yearbook.

“They sent out so many emails and only got a few replies. They kicked booty getting the stories of this year covered in the yearbook. I would hope that the student body will only share the positives they see in the book so the staff can hear from their peers that the yearbook is a job well done.”