Julia Eberhardt

Teacher at Monroe Middle School

“MRS. E!!!!! I love your enthusiasm on campus (both in person and Distance Learning) and your constant good vibes!”

submitted by Emily Kuhlmann

I always was happy to go to her room because she always made it fun.

submitted by Ryan Morrison

Although our introduction was brief, she and Mr. Livingston have shown such great spirits of support and motivation for my son. I really appreciate it! Thank you!

submitted by Tanya Liva

She was such a great History teacher she truly made school fun and her class was the highlight of my day. She made school fun with her creative teaching style. Sometimes when I see her in the hall she would and still does give me play-dough or jolly ranchers like she does with her current and some of her former students. I love how much effort she puts into teaching to make school fun.

submitted by Alissa Gutierrez

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