Katie Thompson

Teacher at Faller Elementary School

“From the beginning of the school year, Mrs. Thompson has worked so hard to keep TK kids engaged in classes on Zoom. Four and five-year-olds don’t like to sit still long, but she keeps them wanting to come to class. So much of TK is social and hands-on learning, but Mrs. Thompson has helped her students excel despite not being able to be physically together. Students have grown so much during the year and their skills are improving almost daily. Mrs. Thompson is organized, which is a fantastic help to parents as we are trying to give support from home. We have received packets (with all the work in order of being assigned), supplies to get it done, and even special treats along the way. I am so thankful to have gotten to listen to the TK class and hear the joyful and encouraging way Mrs. Thompson interacts with our students. This class is a success, even with the pandemic style changes!”

submitted by Kara Olson  


“Her passion for teaching my daughter and encouraging her to learn new things. She also has made this year of distance learning fun and enjoyable for Gulianna. Thank you, Mrs. Thompson! Gulianna says you are her favorite teacher and she loves you.”

 submitted by Danielle Corona

“She has gone above and beyond for her students in the most trying of years with a constant smile on her face. She rolled gracefully with every new change. She printed out, organized, and sent home every single assignment the kids were working on in her own time. She has mailed prizes to the kiddos and virtual lunch dates. She keeps the class as upbeat and full of as much energy as possible while being distanced. She will call on each kid individually to make sure their voices are heard. She has pushed for each kid to participate in spirit days and made each one fun for them. Above and beyond every step of the way! My son is in TK and this could have been a waste of his time trying to learn to form letters virtually. This year is all about learning to be in a school environment and fine motor skills. How on earth do you teach that at home over the computer!? She found a way! My son is a very physical learner and I was worried from the start he wouldn’t get any quality of education this year. While he wishes he would have been in classroom, thanks to Mrs. Thompson’s never-ending positive spirit, he is exactly where he needs to be in his education and I appreciate this teacher more than I can even express! The love she has for her students and school shine through on every zoom lesson. I can only imagine how tired she must be, because you’d never get that from listening to any of her Zoom lessons. Thank you for making this very difficult time easier for us! You are appreciated!”

submitted by Ashley Jones

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