Felicia Field

Teacher at Richmond Elementary School

“Miss Field is an amazing colleague and it has been a pleasure to work alongside her these past two years! She has such a passion and drive for her work and students. She continuously strives to find fun and new ways to teach concepts/ideas. Miss Field desires to make a change and ensures to join as many committees as she can! I do not know how she does it but she surely is a wonderful, 2nd grade partner. Keep up the amazing work, Miss Field!”

submitted by Sarah Polen


“She is a very caring and creative teacher.”

submitted by Felix Lagarde


“I appreciate this second grade team. They work together closely to support their students and families. Whether its putting stickers on their face, playing ‘Pretty, Pretty Teacher’ or having a ‘Pie in the Face contest,’ this team is always looking for fun and creative ways to keep their students engaged.”

submitted by Brandy Keehan


“Excellent teacher excelled in providing the kids the best virtual learning experience.”

submitted by Iris Stockbauer

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