Brittney Kaufman

Teacher at James Monroe Middle School.

“This teacher is truly an amazing down-to-earth human. Brittney has impacted my daughter in so many ways. Brittney has a special talent for teaching and each child is treated as her own. Brittney is patient, kind, loving, and fun. Truly blessed to have had this teacher and hope to have her again in the future.”

submitted by Jessica Pott

“Even though Mrs. Kaufman is a P.E teacher I feel that she need to be appreciated for making P.E fun. We do tons of fun sports, because of the way she teaches them. You can tell she loves her job by her enthusiasm and how she is always smiling and laughing. She puts so much effort in to make sure we love the sports, she even plays them with us. She also plays music for us, even though it is Kidz bop I love her effort.”

submitted by Alissa Gutierrez

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