Stacey Crow

Teacher at Las Flores Elementary School

“Ms. Crow went above and beyond during distance learning making sure all students in her 1st grade class had a voice- a moment to share each day, and talk to their classmates as well as herself. This seems so small, but made a huge impact on the kids. In a time where they all had to ‘mute’ and not have a chance to play with their friends and share experiences like they would in the classroom, Ms. Crow made sure to carve out some time so they had the opportunity. When it was time to go back to class, she updated her lesson plans to re-create holidays they missed. She made each week a theme so her lessons aligned. This gave these kids the opportunity to feel that magic they missed. On top of the fun, she made sure she helped every student grow and reach their full potential somehow over the computer.”

submitted by Bryttani Lighthiser 


“She has made this whole COVID/distance learning situation the best it could be for my child and us as parents. She has gone out of her way to check on Brooklyn and make sure she’s doing okay/ she responds very quickly to my questions, she is the ONLY reason I am able to keep it together having two kids at home and trying to do school work. She gives Brooklyn positive feedback, boosts her confidence and spirits anytime she doubts herself. I could not have made it through all of this without the amazing support of Mrs. Crow!”

submitted by Billi Jo Prevost

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