Ben Roush

Teacher at Las Flores Elementary School

“Mr. Roush has done an amazing job at adapting to the virtual classroom setting. He is a clear communicator and keeps the students engaged. We appreciate his patience and commitment to excellence!”

submitted by Tarah Hill


“That he is working with kids and the parents for the students to succeed online learning. Notifying the parents daily that the student is done turning in their work for OR missing work. GREAT communication 👏!”

submitted by Alejandra Manjarrez 


“Mr. Roush is a 4th grade distance learning teacher who goes above and beyond what’s required to keep parents informed on student progress. He communicates daily to let you know if your student didn’t turn in their homework, didn’t do well on a test or quiz or if there are any problems you need to be aware of. He also reports if they did everything required and encourages you to praise them for doing well. He makes learning fun while challenging each student based on their individual academic abilities. He has a reward program that he does every morning where each student receives either one, two or zero points depending on if they turned in homework and made an attempt to do the work (one point), did homework correctly (two points), or didn’t turn in (zero points). These points can be used by the student to get a little longer lunch, homework pass to use in place of turning in an assignment, ‘Lunch Buddies’ to share lunch with friends the student picks, or a ‘King’ or ‘Queen’ for a day where the whole class (and Mr. Roush) call student ‘King -students name’ or ‘Queen -student’s name’ for the entire day. I have never heard Mr. Roush raise his voice to any student. He works with each student individually and also makes himself available to students during lunch and after school for any student that request it. Mr. Roush is a teacher that Sierra Sands is fortunate to have and I’m so thankful that we were lucky enough to get him this year.”

submitted by Kimberly Zern

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