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Nicholas Baca- Top Three

How do you define success?

To me being successful is having a good work-life balance.

Favorite thing to do in Ridgecrest or the surrounding area?

Going on late-night adventures with Alyssa and Athena. There is always tea, food, and crossing off our to-do list.

Favorite Movie? Why?

Pixar’s Cars because of the movie’s message. True success and happiness are not about being the best, but having the best people around you.

Favorite school subject? Why?

Math is my favorite because there is no room for judgment. It’s either you did the problem right or not.

Most embarrassing or unforgettable (pick one) moment at BHS?

There are too many unforgettable moments, but some of the best were the rotting chocolate milk in Mr. Dickson class with the “demon” who stole our LEQ’s and homework or accidentally making someone drink chemicals during a lab in Mr. Zhang’s class and following them around with my lab partners making sure they didn’t die. 

What will you miss most about BHS?

I’m going to miss the memories I made in classes with my friends because if we came clean about the stuff we got away with we wouldn’t be graduating.

Who do you look up to the most? Why?

I look up to my grandparents the most because of the adversity they overcame to put their family in a better spot to succeed.

What are your plans after graduation?

I guess my plan was to go to Cerro Coso while continuing Newswriting, ASB, and Friends of Rachel.

What would you do with $1 million dollars?

I would like to say I would spend it responsibility, but knowing me I would probably not.

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