Perspective: Choosing to do Distance Learning

Alex Gerber, Editor-in-Chief

Despite the challenges that I personally have for distance learning, like trouble staying focused, I decided to stay home to finish out the school year. This was for a few reasons, one of them being how the rest of the school year will look like for me if I decided to go back to in-person learning.


I was worried about my school performance, especially considering I have two AP tests to take in three weeks. I personally felt I would not be benefitting myself by going back to in-person schooling, and I did not want my $200 to go to waste because I spent my time trying to adjust (again) to a new way of learning. 


As pessimistic as this may seem, I also didn’t see much of a point to go back to in-person learning when I, as a senior, have spent the majority of my last year online. To me, there wasn’t much logic in doing in-person school, when that’s all I would do on campus.


The logistics for me going back to school was also an issue for my family. With the limited knowledge on how in-person learning would be conducted, and the fact that my dad works at Burroughs as well, it seemed like in-person learning for me was going to cause more issues than solutions.


With my morning free because I decided to stay in distance learning, I have been able to get done with my homework quicker, which has made studying before tests pretty amazing in my opinion. I felt that distance learning was the best option for me and my personal situation, and I stick by that.