Tricia Allen

Celina Lavarreda

Celina Lavarreda – Top Three

Would you rather be given a crown or a sword at coronation?

A sword because how many people do you know who have a sword?

Do you think you are more damsel in distress or epic heroine?

Epic heroine all the way.

If you were crowned ruler, what is the first royal decree you would make?

My first rule would be that there are no rules! Duh.

Who do you want sitting next to you on the throne?

All of my friends… is that allowed?

If you could build your castle in any place (real or fictional), where would it be and why?

I would build my castle in Italy just because I’m obsessed with the set of Call Me By Your Name.

Cinderella had her fairy godmother, Rapunzel had Pascal, Snow had her seven dwarves, Jasmine had Rajah. Who would be your royal sidekick?

My royal sidekick would definitely have to be my rat Maple.

The court musicians are playing your song. What is it?

“I’m Different” by 2chains is my first thought, I’m not sure why.

Every ruler has a motto. What’s yours?

“The only thing you have to do in life is learn and experience.”

All fairy tales end with a happy ending. What do you hope for yours?

I hope to be happy and live all my days in nature worry-free<3.