Need help? Tutoring is available

Simrin Khara, Page Editor

With distance learning still in place, many students are continuing to adjust. Feelings that range from excitement to nervousness, to anxiety, to uncertainty are normal as we continue to cope with a year that stands as a sharp departure from the typical in-school high school experience.

To help students navigate this unrecognizable chapter, a team of peer tutors continues to look to change how students learn for the better. 

“I plan to help my peers by creating an environment where they feel comfortable to concentrate better on the tasks of the lesson, which can then transfer into higher achievement,” said sophomore Mahnoor Ahmed. 

Available after school from 2:15-3:15, this group of students is offering one-on-one virtual tutoring to middle and high school students. Students are welcome to come to tutoring with questions, assignments, study guides, or just general questions they would like to work on with a tutor. Once they log in, students will be asked the subject they need help in and will then be paired with a tutor who is knowledgeable in that topic. 

Whether students need help through building task lists to simply improving grades and developing study skills, students will be provided the support and guidance to help them navigate confidently through the second semester. 

Students have the option to request a specific tutor if they choose, and tutors will have the freedom to choose the subject or subjects in which they want to tutor.

“Understanding a topic amid this modality can be especially hard, and I will ask students questions and provide extra examples so a certain topic is easier to understand,” said junior Hannah Ostermann. 

As every student’s learning experiences are different, oftentimes it can be difficult to grasp certain skills and retention, especially with our online format. On average, American classrooms have over 25 students, all with different learning needs and capabilities. This reality can make it difficult to provide personalized attention to students every day.

“This benefits students who might be struggling with online learning or just wanting to be taught a topic in a different way than how their teacher taught it to them,” said Counselor Stephanie Bailey, who is organizing the effort. “Sometimes our peers have ways of explaining things to us better than adults might.”

Also, some students are hands-on learners while others are auditory learners or visual learners. Oftentimes, classes with a larger student-to-teacher ratio make it difficult for teachers to create lessons that cover all learning types. As mentioned, a one-size-fits-all approach may not work for all students. 

Students enrolled in this program can find the right tutor geared towards their learning pace and can even make learning more effective! 

Students interested are encouraged to email Bailey at [email protected]  to be enrolled in a Canvas classroom, allowing students easy access to peer tutors through the URL Zoom link.