College Connection – Madeline Acosta

The Blockbuster loves to hear from Burroughs grads to check on their life after high school. Here we catch up with 2020 graduate Maddy Acosta, who is studying Kinesiology and running Cross Country at CSU East Bay.


Burroughs graduate Madeline Acosta is happily enrolled at CSU East Bay.

What is the best thing about your college or university?

The best thing about my college is my running team. I’ve met so many great people who have helped me grow as a person and as an athlete. (Shoutout to Luke and Julia)

Another thing is the professors. Even in a pandemic, they still make a great effort to ensure the success of their students. My Intro to Kinesiology professor in particular has made a positive impact on my life in terms of how I view where I want to take my degree and career.

Lastly, my sorority! Alpha Phi has given me a community of sisterhood, love, and kindness. I’ve never felt more surrounded by positivity than when I’m with them!


What has been the biggest surprise or adjustment?

The biggest surprise for me was the change in culture. The Bay Area is definitely so much different than Ridgecrest. Being in the Bay has helped me have more perspective on how I view the world.

The biggest adjustment was learning the lesson that my success was in my own hands. Learning to choose success as both a student and an athlete every day for myself was definitely a challenge. I have to remember why I’m here, which is to create a pathway to adulthood for my future self.


Any advice for students still in high school?

Don’t be apathetic in your education! The decisions you make now in high school can shape the trajectory of where you end up in adulthood. Remember that your education is a key component to your own success. We all have the choice to rise up through adversity, and I encourage everyone to embrace all of life’s challenges.