ASB seeks participants for annual Mr. BHS event

Email [email protected] for more information!

Nicholas Baca, Editor-in-Chief

If students could choose one event to see this year, what would it be?

For most people, the answer to this question might be Prom or a home game under the Friday night lights, but some students look forward to the annual Mr. BHS contest.  

Fortunately, Burroughs’ ASB class is hoping to bring this fan favorite productions to audiences, although it will necessarily look a lot different this year. A lot of information is still in the air of how the show will officially come to be, but ASB Advisor Laura Larson and Principal Carrie Cope are working through all the hurdles to get the showing done. 

One thing that is for certain is that the senior class officers will be the emcees of the event. Senior Class President Taylor Azzolino is looking forward to continuing the tradition of the BHS pageant.

“One of the senior class officers’ main events is Mr. BHS, so it would be really exciting if we got the chance to host it for the town, even if it is over Zoom,” said Azzolino. 

The excitement is not shared only by Azzolino, but also by the Senior Class Secretary and Treasurer Leticia Sepulveda. 

“This would be my first time running a big event in ASB,” said Sepulveda. “I know it might come as more of a challenge being online, but this would be the first time online for everyone.”

Students from any grade level are able to sign up and join. If you are interested in participating in this year’s event, email Larson at  [email protected] by Feb. 11.