Have you tried taking the 16Personalities test?

ZJ Hoffmann, Photo Editor

Discover your personality traits in less than 20 minutes! There are a variety of situational questions and depending on your answers, you will receive a certain personality type. After taking the test, I discovered that I am a Diplomatic Protagonist.

16Personalities have four main categories to help determine which one of 16 personality types you are. You could be suited as an Analyst, Diplomat, Sentinel, or Explorer. As an Analyst, your intellectual excellence may be highlighted. If you are a passionate idealist, you would fall under the Diplomats. If you are a practical person, you are likely a Sentinel. As an Explorer, your flexibility may shine.

In my opinion, the 16Personalities test gave me insight into some of my characteristics. Diplomatic Protagonists are leaders with strong idealistic beliefs and help others before themselves. I strive to take leading roles in school, sports, and my extracurricular activities. I also wish the best for everyone and hope everyone will achieve their goals.

After high school, my plan is to go to the U.S. Naval Academy and serve my country. It has been my dream to go there since seventh grade and follow in my dad’s footsteps.

Not only does 16Personalities divulge your characteristics, it also describes your strengths and weaknesses while it gives insight into your friendships, romantic interests, career paths, and work and school habits. For instance, the test results will describe how a person will likely interact with other people and how that person may be perceived. This is a great tool for effective communication among teachers, parents, students, and friends.

Taking this test is fun and will allow you to learn about how to improve your everyday life. To take the 16Personalities test, click here.