Peer tutoring now available after school

Simrin Khara, Page Editor

Let’s face it: high school can be a challenge.  On top of all the social and personal changes that are inevitable during these years, students undergo a major academic transition.  In a time where organization can become a nightmare, missing assignments can easily go unnoticed, and classes can be truly challenging, some Burroughs students are providing a unique solution to their fellow peers through the BHS Counseling Department.

While I was looking at my students’ quarter grades, I noticed they weren’t reflecting my students’ true ability and potential,” Counselor Stephanie Bailey said. “I also know distance learning is hard for everyone, but it’s the life we have to live right now, so we have to do something to help each other through it.”

Bailey initially reached out to Burroughs students who received a D or F on the first quarter report card.

Run by Burroughs students, an after-school tutoring program is being held  Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 2:15-3:15  and Thursdays from 2:15-2:45. The goal is to provide students with a source of support, guidance, and consistency to help them navigate confidently through this challenging distance-learning territory.  From building task lists to checking grades and developing study skills, students will be provided steadfast overall support. 

Tutors are focusing on creating confident students with the skills they need to become self-directed learners. Whether it’s explaining concepts in math, English, or the sciences, peer tutors help with all aspects of the learning process.

“With my three-year experience in high school, I know how high school works,” junior Daniel Stone said. “It is my passion to teach others and I love helping other students succeed!”

A benefit of the peer tutoring is the small group size.  Students are guaranteed to receive personalized feedback targeted to their own learning process.

“I am able to think critically about problems and how to solve them,” sophomore Diego Ramos said. “With individualized attention, I am able to build skills that help me overcome the challenges I would face in a regular classroom setting.” 

Students also have more opportunities to ask questions that will make learning personal for them, which improves their retention rates and engagement. More engagement and success will translate to more confidence and fewer unproductive or dissociative behaviors. Students who have access to some type of tutoring usually will see their academic performance improve. Of course, this isn’t just great for kids – often their parents will feel much better too.

Whether it’s from simply needing help to learning a subject, peer tutors encourage students to join them to meet the academic needs of their courses.

Principal Carrie Cope expressed her support for the new program.

“Students helping students is wonderful,” said Cope. “I hope students take advantage of it. We have had a need for a good tutoring program for a while.  I would really like to see this program succeed.”

For more information, contact your school counselor or email Bailey at [email protected]. Meetings will be run through Zoom.

“Frankly, distance learning is quite a challenge for all of us, but together we can succeed!” Bailey said.