Weekly Challenge 10/16 Recap

Winner Teagan Self (12th)

Simrin Khara, Page Editor

As everyone adjusts to the new reality of online instruction, ASB continues to encourage students to share their coping strategies through weekly challenges, and Yearbook is there to help make the memories last forever.

For the Oct. 16 challenge, ASB asked students and staff to share their school setup during online school. Workspaces included students’ laptops, chargers, and the supplies they needed: paper, sharpened pencils, notebooks, and Post-it notes to jot down reminders, assignments, and a calendar for due dates.

Senior Teagan Self took the winning spot with a photo of himself at the basketball courts, along with a Chromebook lying beneath the hoop.

“I picked this photo because of the passion I have for basketball,” Self said. “During online school, I am able to keep myself on the courts while learning!” 

The Burroughs Yearbook staff is hoping to capture images like Self’s for all of this year’s challenges in order to create what will undoubtedly be the most unique yearbook to date. Students are urged to submit pictures of their favorite activities during online instruction, ranging from spirit days, sports, and more. Photos should be sent by email to [email protected] to be featured in the yearbook. 

To sweeten the deal, every picture submitted will be entered into a weekly raffle for a $5 gift card to places like Baskin Robbins, Charleys, Starbucks, and more. Students who submit a new picture every week will get entered into the raffle every week!