Movies satisfy Halloween cravings

Grace Lormand, Staff Reporter

With COVID-19 creeping around and the craziness of a full moon, it might be a good idea to have some alternatives to trick-or-treating this Halloween.  Fortunately, scary movies offer some great substitutes for costumes and candy. 

The newest spooky movie on the market is the Netflix Original “Hubie Halloween.” Starring so many favorites including Adam Sandler, Steve Buscemi, Maya Rudolph, and Noah Schnapp on the screen, it’s an entertaining and family-friendly movie. 

This movie was filled with goofy, silly antics along with sub-plotted romance. The bright colors and abundant Halloween decorations made it lighthearted and fun. Despite its silly nature, it has some more adult topics and language, hence its PG-13 rating.

Honestly, though, this movie is amazing to watch with family. It’s hilarious and has a little bit of a spooky edge. Overall it’s an excellent Halloween film. 

If exaggerated comedy isn’t quite your style, another good movie would be the Halloween classic “Hocus Pocus.”  The suspenseful tale of teenagers trying to save their little brothers and sisters is both thrilling and heartwarming.

Though it’s not as overtly comedic as “Hubie Halloween,” the action-packed plot keeps you on your toes. This undoubted classic Halloween movie is great to watch with family and friends.

The last movie I would recommend in the Halloween movie department would be “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Though it is one of the biggest debates in cinematic history whether it is a Christmas or Halloween movie, for the purposes of this article, let’s say that this movie presents itself as another Halloween classic.

In my opinion, the clay-animation style of film making is one of the creepiest stylistic choices one could make while directing a movie. The romantic plot advances as the two main characters Jack and Sally discover more about the holiday unknown to them: Christmas. 

It’s definitely quite spooky, maybe even scary depending on the opinions of the viewer, but overall it’s a well-produced Tim Burton Halloween film.

Halloween may not be normal this year but it can still be fun, and these family movies are a great way to make it just so.