Lakers Win Game 6 of Finals

Canon Rank, Page Editor

3, 2, 1…. The Lakers have won their seventeenth NBA title!

On Oct. 11 the 2020 Los Angeles Lakers led by star player Lebron James beat Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat in the NBA finals. The Lakers took the title in game six of a seven-game series ending the series at 4-2. 

Early in the series, the Lakers took a two-game lead with outstanding performances from James and Anthony Davis, each of them averaging near triple-doubles. After the blistering start, Miami came back in game three and won their first game. Following this turn of events, it was a back and forth series for the rest of the Finals. 

As the Lakers closed out game six, James earned his fourth NBA championship ring out of 10 finals appearances, elevating his elite talent to a class of its own. 

The NBA was not a normal season by any means, given the world circumstances. However, the solution reached allowed for a season and postseason to be completed. The teams were put into a “bubble”  in Orlando, FL, and allowed to leave for exclusive circumstances only. In addition to this, no fans were allowed to be present at the games. 

Despite the confinement, players were able to practice and continue to prepare for upcoming games that were organized to complete a version of the season. On top of the quarantine, the NBA was successful in keeping COVID-19 away from the teams with zero confirmed cases within the bubble.