Oct. 2 Weekly Challenge goes wild!

Winner Annika Houck 11th

Simrin Khara, Staff Reporter

Burroughs students and teachers are dressing as fashion models, taking shots of their pets’ tricks, and finding other ways to stay connected even though schools are closed with ASB’s weekly challenges.

For the Oct. 2 weekly challenge, ASB tasked students and staff to create artwork of any animal utilizing items they had on hand. The challenge was another successful method of raising school spirit and turned out to be a lot of fun.

Junior Annika Houck won the challenge with her drawing of an eagle, which was inspired by her memories of summer.

“I love to draw and this particular drawing was different for me,” said Houck. “I decided to draw an eagle because there are hundreds of eagles all around up where my grandma lives and they always remind me of the summers we spent at her house by the beach.” 

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