Metal Shop students create wonders at home with aluminum cans

Distance learning has taken a toll on hands-on lab classes this year, but Burroughs teachers and students are meeting the challenges with creative solutions.

Resourceful students in Metal I, II and III, lacking the tools and machines that would normally allow students to explore their craft, came up with especially creative solutions to their predicament.

“I felt it was important to do some kind of metal project, and it had to be something that everyone could do at home!” said Burroughs Metal Shop instructor Sam Thompson. “Learning how to make things out of materials you have around the house gives you the ability to learn and think about how things are made.”

The project yielded fun results and students were able to get a sense of what it is like to be a student in Metal Shop. For now, there is no way for students to do more metal working than this yet, but Thompson remains hopeful and plans to continue instructing his students and providing videos to show them the skills they are meant to acquire in class.