CAASP testing begins on a strong note

David Miranda, Staff Reporter

Just as spring break comes to a close, the Class of 2024 has started their CAASPP testing.

Typically, juniors have four days of CAASPP testing, including English Language Arts, Math, and Science. The English and math exams both include one day of Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) and one day for a performance task.

The ELA performance task challenges students to synthesis information from multiple sources, while the math performance task asks them to apply their knowledge to real-world contexts.

Each of the four test days consists of a three-hour session, although students may take longer if they need to. Tests are spread across two weeks in consideration of the mental fatigue of consecutive test days.

Many students went into the exam confident and looking forward to the chance to measure their learning. Students took practice tests and reviewed strategies going into the tests.

Testing began Apr. 11, and if opinions from the first day of testing is anything to go off of, the academic effort has certainly paid off.

Junior Shannon Kelly said, “I’m surprised at how short the test was. I have always been a fast test taker, but these questions seemed easy. If the rest of the CAASPP tests are this easy, then I’ll do fine.”

Other students shared similar opinions.

“It went fairly well. I’m confident that the rest of this week and the next will be easy,” said junior Vin Madison.

Testing was smooth sailing for the administrative side as well.

“I’m excited about how testing is going,” said Assistant Principal Cody Pearce. “When there are as many moving parts as 310 students, affecting almost 30 classrooms, there are always concerns of having issues. Thankfully, Day One went off without a hitch thanks to our great staff and students working together.”