Burroughs Acquires Film Production Class

Nevaeh Hall

Do you aspire to be in the filmmaking industry someday? Do you  wish to see your name on the end credits of a super cool new action movie, or on an adorable romance between the newest hunks on tv? A new Film Production class is going to be offered next school year! 

This class aims to teach students how to prepare technical documents, operate and troubleshoot electronic equipment, and process video files to prepare for distribution. In short, the students will create their very own short films. 

Ms. Arrieta has dreamt of this class coming to Burroughs since she herself took it back in highschool. “This industry sector is something I have always been passionate about, and I’m hoping that this course is just the beginning of video at Burroughs for years to come” says Ms. Arrieta. Gabe Garcia also believes that this course could be impactful. “I think that it’s a good idea, it could be very interesting to discuss films and the filmmaking process with other people who enjoy it!” he says.

If you want more information or are interested in joining, contact your counselor and Ms. Arrieta.