Burroughs Acquires Film Production Class

Nevaeh Hall, Staff Reporter

Students hoping to learn or improve their movie-making skills will have the opportunity to do so with a new Career Technical Education course offered to juniors and seniors next year.

The course will be taught by English Teacher Melanie Arrieta, who went to film school and interned at a commercial production company where she learned many video production skills that she is eager to share with others.

“My main goals are to share my knowledge about film & production as I guide a group of artistic, enthusiastic students through the process, with the hope that they will create expressive and entertaining short films for all to enjoy!” said Arrieta. “I’d love to share these films with the school and the community, as well as bring in guest speakers and go on field trips that expand on the career opportunities that lie in video production.”

According to Arrieta, the class is meant for juniors and seniors who have a knack for storytelling, are comfortable around a video camera, and want to learn more about the technical and managerial aspects of how to make a short film from start to finish.

The CTE course will include a lot of focus on elements of production that are necessary to survive not only in a video and media arts career but in any collaborative work environment after graduation. Students will learn how to prepare technical documents, operate and troubleshoot electronic equipment, and process video files to prepare for distribution.

“This industry sector is something I have always been passionate about, and I’m hoping that this course is just the beginning of video at Burroughs for years to come,” said Arrieta.

Freshman Gabe Garcia sees the course as a great elective option.

“I think that it’s a good idea, it could be very interesting to discuss films and the filmmaking process with other people who enjoy it!” he said.