ASB’s plans for KOH are good as gold!


Sarah Quick

Members of ASB practice for the rally with activities to engage the student body in participating in competitive games for student entertainment and to hype them up for the King of Hearts Dance.

Lynkim Phan, Staff Profile

This weekend Burroughs welcomes the annual King of Hearts dance, which will take place in the Burroughs Gym on Jan. 28. The theme for this year’s KOH is The Golden Gala.

Many students are looking forward to attending this school-wide event, but what does ASB’s sophomore leadership have in store for KOH?

ASB Advisor Laura Larson is impressed with how hard her crew has worked to make this year’s event a success for everyone.

“The planning for KOH is going very well,” said Larson. “The sophomores are doing a great job. They have planned out the decorations and the theme really well and I think it is going to be beautiful!”

For this year’s KOH dance, students are encouraged to dress in the theme of gold, silver, and black with lots of sparkles, but they should not feel obligated to do so.

“People do not have to dress in gold and sequins, we just want them to come and have a great time!” said Larson.

The ASB crew had planned the decorations around the gym’s layout and then mapped out where things would go. They’ve arranged for a photographer and DJ as well.

“It’s going well considering everyone in ASB is so helpful,” said Sophomore Vice President Jamie Haas. “It’s definitely a team effort!”

After all the work they’ve put into preparing for it, many of the ASB students are eager to see how well KOH goes and everyone there.

“I’m most excited about seeing how all the decorations come out! It’s taken lots of preparation and lots of glitter to put the dance together!” said enthusiastic Junior Secretary-Treasurer Brianna Tejeda.

To get students in the spirit for KOH, ASB organized a series of spirit days for the week, including Roadtrip Fit (wearing comfortable clothing), Texas Country vs Cali Country Club, Surfin in the USA (Hawaiian or American Pride) Jersey vs New Jersey (wear a sports jersey or a classic NJ fit-Jersey Shore), and Florida Friday (wear a classic Florida fit Disney, seniors, tourists, etc.)

Even though KOH is typically around Valentine’s Day, you don’t need a date to attend. Come with your friends and enjoy a fun night of dancing and taking a break from the normalcy of school. Many students also take advantage of the special day by going to dinner with friends taking some great and memorable pictures. All high school levels are welcome to attend!

The dance will start at 8 p.m., and entry will be allowed after 9 p.m.