Zoe Stanford – Top Three

Who would you want to star in the movie of your life?

Millie Bobby Brown.


What is your favorite movie and why?

Top Gun: Maverick


What song would be on your soundtrack?

“Dancing Queen” by ABBA.


Who would you want to walk the red carpet with?

Taylor Swift hands down.


Is your life a sitcom, drama, or musical?



You are on the way to the Oscars. Who is sharing your limo?

All of my amazing friends, of course!


Which are you — romantic lead or comic sidekick?

Neither, I’m the wicked cool main character.


Lights, camera, action! What’s your dream filming location?

Realistically, I’d love to be at the beach, but for a movie, probably in a big city or somewhere overseas.


Years from now, what line of yours will film fans be quoting?

“Your life is only as good as your mentality.”

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