Junior Class Assembly covers school guidelines

Anthony Scanlan, Staff Reporter

Amidst a sea of faces, chairs, and awkward jokes, the yearly all-class assemblies returned last month to fill in students on school safety, rules, and events. Within a span of 50 minutes, this year’s juniors listened in on 50 slides’ worth of information as they escaped history class for the day.

With the beginning of a new school year comes a brand-new, school-wide acronym, EPIC, which stands for our core values of excellence, pride, integrity, and community. Because Burroughs is an award-winning school, the administration expects students to embody these values and partake in award-winning behavior. Turning in work on time, being punctual and present, and following the school rules are just some examples of what an award-winning student looks like.

You may or may not have already heard about plans to shut down the dirt lot near the library, where many students like to park their cars and avoid the crowded parking lot. This is due to the unacceptable behavior of some individuals performing donuts in the lot and causing disruption to people on campus. Please remember that the safety of yourself and others is one of the most important things to be aware of: if we cannot behave, we lose out on many privileges the school provides us.

Because this is our second year of on-campus learning, Burroughs staff have begun to reintroduce stricter enforcement of safety measures–especially after what byproducts of excessive leniency came about last year. Online trends like the “devious licks” that gained tons of traction last year are being taken much more seriously now, with tighter security around the bathrooms at the end of the library, D hall, and L hall. You may also notice fewer students wandering around campus thanks to the help of our new campus supervisors this year.

Student life is one of the best parts of being a Burro, so keeping up with school events is critical! We have many ways to keep up with upcoming events; follow @bhsburrospride, @bhs.classof_2024, or @burrosasb on Instagram to find consistent updates about future events, like Homecoming Week or Junior Prom. If you do not have social media, have no fear: our morning news bulletin and many posters around the campus made by our ASB team will do just as good of a job, However, it is important to remember that attending events is a privilege; be sure to take care of demerits and library fines beforehand if you plan on attending dances or get-togethers this year. Please also keep in mind that if you had ten or more demerits from last year, they will carry over: you are still responsible for the consequences of your actions.

Burroughs staff will also provide quiet spaces to complete your work or study, which will always be available.  For a more formalized setting, Science Teacher Jessica Wilson’s Academic Learning Lounge (ALL) at K2 provides a quiet learning environment for students to complete their work during lunch. The library has also opened up for regular business, which includes availability during free periods and lunch: a perfect opportunity to study or finish up some homework.

Juniors, let’s have an EPIC year by respecting the school rules and staying safe. Show excellence in your schoolwork, pride in your school, integrity in your behavior, and community by showing up!