Assembly provides facts for freshmen

Angelina Placencia, Staff Reporter

Hoping to establish a strong foundation with our incoming freshmen, Assistant Principal Cody Pearce welcomed students to the Freshman Class Assembly in the Burroughs Gym on August 12. The assembly took place during Health and Geography classes and covered several topics new students should know as they transition from middle to high school.

First-year students learned about dropoff and pickup, resourceful adults on campus, general rules, and getting involved. The direct aim of the presentation was to help them better understand the difference between middle and high school.

Afterward, freshman Jayden Nevarez said, “It helped me understand how Burroughs works.”

Key information included that in the last few years, Burroughs pickup and dropoff spots have changed, and the primary and secondary dropoff spots are the only places for students to get to and from school every day.

Pearce told students that they can expect many differences between the rules of middle and high school. Some are little to no extra credit, stricter rules enforcement, and more homework.

On a more uplifting note, Pearce discussed the many activities available to students.

Freshmen Andrea Rose Monsalud said, “I didn’t know Burroughs had so many sports and clubs.”

Burroughs has many athletics to offer to students. Some are tennis, football, basketball, volleyball, wrestling, and swimming. The assembly covered a few of the sports and shared details about when they start and how long the season is.

The assembly also addressed the resources that can help students throughout the year, including Attendance, the Finance Office, Burroughs counselors, school records, and the library.

The Finance Office is the place to turn in ASB card money and buy P.E. clothes. The Attendance Office provides help with tardies and early leaves. The Library has spots for printing papers, checking out books, and computer use. The Counselors are available in the office for overall help.